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Embark on a multitude of Quests, Campaigns, and Tasks to boost your tQUEST rewards!




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We are Live!

tQUEST (0x7BC6174EC24903D5B8D79618cd89AE82ba1A956C)
tGOLD (0x84503BB41b13a2CC74D006091863667D4e59760D)

Auto Burning Liquidity

Price increases every 28 minutes.

Burn tQUEST : Mint tGOLD

Users can convert their tQUEST into tGOLD tokens by burning them through our application. The amount available for burning is directly tied to the Main Contract’s BNB balance.

Compound Reflections

tGOLD tokens are designed as reflective tokens that auto compound in users' wallets. This ensures that early minters of tGOLD gain more through reflection rewards.

Earn BNB Rewards

tGOLD tokens can be instantly redeemed for BNB, with the tGOLD tokens being burned upon claiming BNB rewards.


Ecosystem Features

Get actively involved in the platform’s activities to unlock valuable earning opportunities and rewards.

Collective Progress

Emphasizing community involvement, TokenQuest integrates quests and activities that reward and highlight user contributions, fostering a participatory digital economy.

Dynamic Ecosystem

Our ecosystem facilitates staking pools, liquidity farms, and NFT integrations, offering diverse activities to enhance user engagement.

Fair Distribution

TokenQuest pioneers equitable token distribution, ensuring fairness and stability in the ecosystem, and addressing the skewed ownership issues prevalent in traditional models.

Community Centric

Empowered by its community, TokenQuest thrives on user feedback and participation, shaping a dynamic ecosystem responsive to the needs and ideas of its holders.

Innovation Hub

TokenQuest serves as an innovation hub, continuously exploring and implementing novel approaches to enhance the blockchain experience.

Focused Vision

With a roadmap focusing on community building, market expansion, and platform enhancement, TokenQuest is committed to continuous long-term growth and expansion.


GENESIS APY: +522.55%

Provide Liquidity, Earn Boosted Yields

Support market stabilization by providing liquidity, and be rewarded with substantially boosted yields, reflecting your pivotal contribution to the ecosystem’s robustness and growth.


Knowledge Base

You can participate in the presale through the PinkSale website here. There are no whitelist spots required for participants, and anyone can join using their wallet on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The maximum contribution amount per wallet for the presale is 5.0 BNB. Additionally, if someone joins the presale using your PinkSale affiliate link, you will receive your part from the 5% of the deposited BNB as a referral reward.

Once the presale end, you can immediately claim your tokens.

Yes, the reward reserves have already been secured in time-lockers. Additionally, the liquidity will be automatically locked by Pinksale immediately after the presale concludes.

TokenQuest is entirely decentralized by design. The contract does not have a mint or blacklist function. The liquidity will be automatically locked by PinkSale following the presale. Additionally, the reserve wallets are secured using Multi-Sig technology, and the reserve tokens have already been placed in time lockers. This ensures that no one can exert control over the tQUEST tokens, affirming its 100% decentralization.

The only method to acquire tQUEST tokens until February 28, 2024, is by participating in the presale. There are no alternative methods to obtain tQUEST tokens during this period. Starting on February 28, liquidity for tQUEST tokens will be established on PancakeSwap (DEX), and users will then be able to trade tQUEST tokens through on-chain swaps.